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Ocean Resin Art Course
Ocean Resin Art Course
Ocean Resin Art Course

Ocean Resin Art Course

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In order to enroll in this course, please enter a valid email in the notes during purchase.
Allow 12-24 hours for me to send you an email to manually add you to the course!

If you would like automatic access to the course (preferred), enroll using this link here https://diankapours.teachable.com/p/ocean-resin-art-course

This Ocean Resin Art Course is an incredible 2-hour masterclass created to teach you how to create stunning ocean artwork.

This course teaches you how to create realistic ocean resin art using techniques such as:

How and where to pour certain colors to create realism and depth
How to strategically pour each layer using various resin tinting techniques
How to create stunning, defined waves and cells
Tips for placement and blending of your blue colors
Various strategies for pouring your sand layer
Advanced tips on how to paint the sides of your panel
How to time the placement of your white pigment
Access to two experiments that test over 10 epoxy resin brands and 4 white pigments to help you gain a deeper understanding as to what materials perform best
How to use each day to your benefit to set you up for success!
Access to a private Dianka Pours Students Facebook group
10% off coupon code for pigments on diankapours.com

You will gain a deep understanding on how each layer is placed and how it affects the next. This course will also demonstrate how to place your white pigment and detailed techniques for how to create gorgeous cells. The material explained will not only teach you how to improve your ocean art but how to problem solve and pour stunning artwork, every time.

Enroll now and watch today! This is a pre-recorded course which means you will have immediate access upon purchase
Ocean Resin Art Course