Basics of Resin & How to Pour a Geode Courses

These are PRE-RECORDED courses, meaning, once you make a purchase, you will have automatic access to them. Each course is approximately two hours long. You may watch in one sitting, or re-visit later. 

Basics of Resin Course

In this course, I go into depth about the fundamentals of resin art and take you through an easy-to-follow pouring tutorial. This course is for beginners AND intermediate artists who want to learn more about resin art and refine their skill. Some questions I answer are:

  • What epoxy resin brand is best for paintings, coasters, deep pours, durability, UV resilience, etc.
  • How to create stunning cells with white and my gold (gold is available for purchase on my website)
  • What is the difference between acrylics, inks, micas and pastes - How to prepare an MDF panel to pour on
  • How to cut, sand, prime, pour, hang and clean the drips from the underside
  • 6 reasons why your painting hardened with fish eyes/dimples
  • What is an exothermic reaction and why does it happen
  • Ideal working conditions and average work time
  • Resin safety
  • Hairdryer vs heat gun vs blowtorch
  • Is epoxy resin truly food safe and so much more...

I also take you through a detailed step-by-step tutorial FROM START TO FINISH on how to prep your canvas and pour a stunning holographic resin painting!

This is a pre-recorded course, you can access it at any time and return to re-watch! *FREE* Certificate of Authenticity included so you can establish yourself as an artist and prove that your work is a one-of-a-kind created by you!

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 basics of resin coursebasics of resin coursebasics of resin course



How to Pour a Geode Course

 This Geode Resin Art Course is a complete guide designed to give you a deeper understanding of geode resin art

This course teaches how to create a timeless geode using techniques such as:

  • How & where to pour certain colors to create symmetry and balance
  • The exact placement of glitter lines to enhance details
  • What types of textured points to use and how to layer them to capture their sparkle
  • My secret to creating thin & clean glitter lines
  • Stages of detailed paint brushwork
  • Marker line placement techniques
  • How to pair colors to keep your painting minimal, yet elegant
  • How to create depth and tips for layering
  • How to prep, prime, sand and hang your painting!

You will gain a deep understanding on how each layer is placed and how it affects the next. The material explained will not only teach you how to improve your geodes but how to problem solve and pour stunning geodes, every time.

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